Parnassos Literary Society

The Gallery

Gallery of PARNASSOS Literary Society

The Gallery, which had been looted by the Nazi invaders in 1943, was reorganized in 1947 and in its new form was inaugurated in 1949 with a donation from Hip. Karavias in the presence of King George II and ambassadors. The Sculpture Gallery consists of various compositions with marble or copper. The most emblematic statue is of R. Feraios, the work of the sculptor Vitsoris, donated in 1937 by King George II.

The richest museum collection of works of art of PARNASSOS was digitized in 2008, with the project SHOWCASE OF THE COLLECTION OF THE GALLERY OF THE PARNASSOS Literary Society (Decision Ministry of Finances 125.252/ 3591-B/19-5-2006).

The PARNASSOS Art Gallery was recently renewed and reconstituted, while as part of the Association’s modernization, electronic captions with QR codes will soon be created for the Association’s paintings, as well as an electronic catalog that will contain the paintings together with the explanatory captions and introductory text.