The first literary society

Parnassos Literary Society

Founded in 1865

President’s greeting

Vas. L. Konstantinopoulos

Fully aware of the responsibility required by the administration of this historic Literary Society, which was the country’s first Academy of Letters and Arts, was the cradle of Greek Parnassism, that is of the New Athenian School, was associated with prestigious intellectual institutions abroad and was awarded three times in Paris International Exhibition (1879, 1889, 1890) with a silver and bronze medal for its intellectual and social activity, we have undertaken, after the financial crisis, a regenerative effort at all levels (Free University, registration of women as members, mobilization of Corresponding members to expand our activity in the province, attendance of youth, visual and literary competitions, speech and music events, utilization of our property, etc.), to promote PARNASSOS as a Pan-Hellenic Center of Speech and Art with respect to the history and traditions of Hellenism.

Greetings from the Secretary General

Makis N. Fokas

24.6.1865 – 24.6.2022. One hundred and fifty-seven years of continuous operation, with a huge contribution to the cultural, social and spiritual history of our country. The Literary Society PARNASSOS continues today to add to the vision of the founding Lambros brothers, still remaining the home of culture, as I typically like to call my beloved Literary Society.

PARNASSOS, however, does not only have a past, it also has a present and, above all, a future. The Board of Directors elected on May 26, 2021, under the inspired guidance of the President, Professor Vas. L. Konstantinopoulos and the General Secretary Makis N. Fokas, produce daily work. The project is based on three pillars:

First, is the continuous multicultural activity with many and varied events, such as concerts, speeches, awards, etc.

Second, the effort to arrange – improve the financial issues, so that the Literary Society remains financially self-sufficient.

Finally, the third pillar is the extroversion, so that PARNASSOS becomes, in the consciousness of the Athenians and not only them, the home of Letters and Arts, the home of scholarship, the home of culture. In this area, we have already signed memorandums of cooperation with many agencies and organizations, such as: with the Hellenic Olympic Committee, with the Municipality of Athens, with Athens municipality radio 9.84 fm, with the Greek-Russian Friendship Association, with FILAIOS etc. We appoint our representatives (ambassadors) all over Greece and so on.
So, based on these three pillars, we support the present and build the future of our beloved Institution of PARNASSOS.
In this effort, we want you all with us. We need your participation and especially your ideas.

The First Academy of Letters and Arts

On June 24, 1865, four children of the numismatist Pavlos Lambros succeeded, with the support of their father, in realizing their vision, in establishing a cultural Institution, which with its multifaceted and versatile radiation would work “for the common progress and benefit of people” and would prepare the people to achieve the national integration that the Great Idea illuminated.

They gave it the name PARNASSOS, as according to tradition PARNASSOS was dedicated to Apollo and the Muses. Already from 1869/70, the Literary Society was developing into a pan-Hellenic intellectual center with a rich activity of leading representatives of the intellectual, academic, judicial, artistic, diplomatic and military leadership of the place.

On March 17, 1875, L.S. PARNASSOS was recognized by Royal Decree as a Legal Entity of Private Law, of a non-profit nature. Until then PARNASSOS had already been connected with dozens of scientific Associations inside and outside Greece. Government agencies, Legal Entities and prominent personalities contributed to the consolidation of the Literary Society from a very early stage with their financial support.

L.S. PARNASSOS was in fact the first Academy of Letters and Arts of Greece until 1926, when Pangalos founded the Academy of Athens.

Benefactors – Donors

During the 157 years of operation of the Society PARNASSOS, there were many who with their donations contributed to the consolidation and development of PARNASSOS. State bodies, legal entities (such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Education, the Bank of Greece, etc.), prominent personalities from the political and intellectual world of Greece and abroad showed a special interest in the cultural activities of PARNASSOS and they each strengthened in their own way the presence of PARNASSOS in the spiritual life of the place.

As a small tribute and memory of love, the Literary Society has built in a prominent position on the 1st floor, in front of the entrance to the ceremony hall, marble plaques with the names of the great benefactors from the year PARNASSOS was founded until today.